7 From the Helm
Nick Jones questions the regulations for kingfish and shares some exciting news.
8 Thrills at the Three Kings
The NZ Fishing News crew ticks all the boxes at the promised land.
24 Destination: Bay of Plenty
Experienced fisher Ben Carey shares his wisdom about tarakihi, snapper and ‘puka in ‘The Bay’.
32 Milford Mission
Fiordland offers some of its bounty to James Flett.
40 News
Catch up on the latest from the angling arena, including the 2024 Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show Grand Prize boat.
54 Export Comp Update
We’re getting to the pointy end of the measure mat season.
58 Recipes
Ka pai kai!
62 LegaSea Update
Our good mates at LegaSea expose the sad reality of commercial fishing favouritism in a cost-ofliving crisis.
64 LegaSea Photo Competition
Check out the best entries and who NZ Fishing News has picked as the overall winner.
74 A Day to Remember 
Mark Kitteridge encounters great fish and a great white!
82 Where Do Fish Bite Lures?
Intriguing insights from lure fishing master Grant ‘Espresso’ Bittle.
90 What a Day: East Coast Kayaking 
Blair Whiting recounts one helluva day fishing from a small, plastic thing.
98 Kayak Fishing Safety 
What to do (and what not to do) on a ‘yak, courtesy of veteran kayak angler Herb Spannagl.
106 Small Tuna (Part 2) 
Sam Mossman covers saltwater flyfishing, livebaiting, and cubing for skipjack and albacore tuna.
114 Fair Chase
Greg Morton battles low-water conditions down south.
116 Tackle Review: Shimano Beastmaster 12000
Nick Jones puts Shimano’s brand-new, big, and badass electric reel to the test.
122 New Toys
Go on, surely you deserve a treat?
124 Ministry Notebook 
Find out about changes to how packhorse crays are measured.
Richard Bowe grimaces as he hoists up his 50kg bass from the Far North. Photo: Grant Blair.