Kiwi fishers are no strangers to the treasures of the sea. And what better way to celebrate the day’s efforts and utilise all of your catch than with a hearty and wholesome dish that pays tribute to the fruits of your labour? Enter the Kiwi Fisherman’s Stew, a delicious and easy-to-make meal that highlights the often-underappreciated parts of fish and is guaranteed to leave you feeling full.
This comforting stew, borne from the desire to create a hearty meal without wasting anything, utilises the heads, tails, and bones of the fish, turning them into a flavourful fish stock. This liquid gold becomes the base for a rich and hearty medley of fresh fish fillets, succulent shrimp, and plump mussels. The addition of aromatic herbs and a touch of capsicum and potato infuses the stew with a burst of flavour that’s sure to warm the hearts of even the toughest fisher.
So, gather your family and friends, prepare a pot of Kiwi Fisherman’s Stew, and savour the ocean’s bounty without needing to be an A-grade chef!