Ultima’s new 3.0 electric outboard comes with an even more powerful battery, giving an impressive, almost 50% increase in range.
The latest model’s lightweight lithium battery has been upgraded from 20.3Ah to 30.0Ah meaning the new Ultima 3.0 can now cover 50km at around 3.5km/h, 23km at just over 5km/h, and even 8km at full speed (8.8km/h).
Run time has also increased substantially to almost an hour at full speed, 4.5 hours at half throttle, and a whopping 15 hours at slow speed.
Equivalent to a 3-4hp petrol outboard, the new Ultima 3.0
features a powerful 110lb-thrust brushless motor, making it ideal for use on a wide range of dinghies, tenders, and inflatables. It comes complete with an easyto-use digital speed control on an adjustable handle and is fitted with an emergency magnetic kill switch.
Thanks to its easily removable, rechargeable, LiPo battery (which includes a handy LED status indicator) and its lightweight, compact design, the Ultima 3.0 is easy to transport and store, with a total weight of just 17.3kg (including the 7.6kg battery).
With a practical 540mm shaft, the Ultima 3.0 is designed to be used in both fresh and saltwater.