The Holidays are upon us, and we’ve all got our fingers crossed for good weather. Making valuable memories on the water with family, catching something fresh from the sea for dinner, or nailing your PB fish – all are options once we get away from the Monday to Friday, 9-5 for a few weeks.

Great prizes to be won

While you’re out there doing it, be sure to have a measure and enter your catches into the Export NZ Fishing Competition to go in the draw for some great prizes. Like Len Clarke, our November prize winner. Len caught himself a 47cm john dory and has nabbed himself a Shimano Blackout 7’ 2-piece rod, and Stradic 4000FM XG spin reel spooled with Kairiki 20lb braid worth $750. We have another Blackout/ Stradic combo to give away in December so make sure to get those entries in!

Leaderboard action

There are also bragging rights up for grabs. The leaderboards are topped by some great fish, with Shane Brown’s 136cm kingfish and Shaun Wells’ 60cm john dory recently taking top honours.
Competition for the coveted Furuno Snapper World Cup is really heating up with three fish over 87cm entered in the last month! Bay of Plenty angler Hayden Speed currently has one hand on the trophy with his 92.5cm monster leading this season and sitting fourth on our all-time Hall of Fame leaderboard.
The Bayleys x LegaSea Angler Trifecta leader, Jesse Crasborn, will take some beating. With a cumulative length of 272cm, three exceptional fish are required – a couple of anglers are nipping at his heels, but it will take a kingfish over 130cm to claim top spot!
You don’t need to catch the biggest fish to win prizes, as shown by Len Clarke’s john dory.

Sustainability tip brought to you by Dometic

The Export NZ Fishing Competition is all about sustainable fishing, giving anglers the choice about whether to keep or release their catches while still being in the draw for some great prizes! In a new series, we’ve teamed up with Dometic to provide anglers with a sustainability tip each month. First up – keeping your catch cold.
The journey from hooking a fish to enjoying it on your plate involves crucial steps, and one that often gets overlooked is the necessity of keeping your catch cold. Immediate cooling of kept fish is paramount to preserving quality, taste, and nutritional value. Fish, like any other perishable food item, is susceptible to bacterial growth and decomposition. The moment a fish is caught, its internal temperature begins to rise, accelerating the growth of bacteria that can lead to spoilage. By keeping your catch cold, you slow down this process, ensuring that the fish remains fresh until it reaches your kitchen.
Cold temperatures not only maintain the taste and food safety qualities of fish but also help preserve their nutritional value. Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for heart health and brain function, are prone to degradation in warm conditions. By keeping your catch cold, you ensure that these valuable nutrients remain intact, providing maximum health benefits when you include fish in your diet.
Follow these simple steps to keep your catch cold:
• Use a chilly bin or portable fridge/freezer with sufficient insulation to keep the internal temperature consistently low.
• If you have a chilly bin without an electric fridge/ freezer function, make sure to pack it with plenty of salt ice (rather than fresh ice) to maintain a cold environment. The salt lowers the freezing point, causing ice to melt slower and keeping your catch and drinks colder for longer.
• Keep the cooler in a shaded area (if possible) to prevent exposure to direct sunlight which can quickly raise the internal temperature.

2023-24 Season Prize Boat

Once again, thanks to our incredible sponsors; we’ve put together another Prize Boat to be given away at the end of the season! Worth over $85,000, the Extreme 1770 Enduro is an inshore angler’s dream! The team is just putting the finishing touches on the boat, so keep an eye out for the February 2024 issue of NZ Fishing News and online to see the full write-up on the bells and whistles!
That’s it for this month – keep safe out there and tight lines.
Registration and up-to-theminute leaderboards can be viewed at www.fishingcomp.co.nz