Constable Tui Baker says she has been fishing her whole life.
“Our mum used to say if you’re hungry go and get some kai from the sea!”
She now finds it a great way to relax after what can be busy and challenging days at work as a police officer.
She grew up in Ahipara and now polices in Kaitaia, Northland, and loves making such an important contribution to her community in her role.
“But the job can be intense,” says Tui, “so fishing is a great way to relax, and work on your mental health at the same time. I feel really grounded and connected to nature when I’m out on the water, or surfcasting.
“It also really helps with keeping calm and being patient. Patience is an incredible virtue to have as a police officer. We deal with all sorts of people in the community, and our aim is to help them whatever the situation is. But sometimes that requires quite a lot of patience to get the best outcome for them.”
Lots of police officers enjoy fishing, just like the rest of the population. Many are able to be in locations where it makes it even easier to get out and fish, whether it’s the sea, the lake or the river. Police has over 300 locations around the country, and many of the smaller towns are looking for new police officers to join the team there.
“I just want people to know how varied, and in fact how fun, Police can be. No day is the same. I’ve already recruited three new officers. I just take them for a ride along and they can see what it’s like.”
Tui is also a keen rugby and rugby league player (as well as a mum), sports which she plays for the New Zealand Police teams.
“It’s pretty awesome to be able to do these things and be supported,” says Tui. “I also have a great deal of flexibility in my work, I’m out and about, which I find so much easier than when I was a teacher.”
“I wasn’t a good kid, I actually got in trouble with Police, but it was funnily enough my interactions with them that made me want to make something of myself, and here I am.”
If you’re interested in joining Police go to for more information about where applications are open.