A small marlin caught around an offshore FAD at Namukulu.
Sustained low-pressure systems flowing down from the northwest have brought wet, humid conditions to the island over the last month. Worst of all, we have had medium to heavy west to northwesterly swells affecting where we launch, and as such have been left high and dry for several weeks which is very frustrating.
Up until now, we have had good yellowfin tuna catches on the offshore FADs as well as in schools of birds out wide. The schools have been of mixed sizes and literally can be anything between 2kg and 50kg.
Wahoo action has been very slow which is to be expected at this time of year, and mahimahi have all but vanished except for the odd one encountered by chance on drifting floaties.
Small marlin have been actively feeding on the schools of skipjack tuna on the offshore FADs which are increasing in number as the seasonal baitfish arrive. A number of these have been taken by the local fleet. The young blue marlin have been in great condition and make for delicious sashimi and rawfish.
We look forward to the end of cyclone season (late March/early April) and seeing the back of all the unsettled weather.