9 From the Helm
Nick Jones sheds light on the exciting changes afoot at NZ Fishing News.
10 The Past & The Future of NZ Fishing News Grant
Dixon covers the life of the magazine as it moves into new horizons.
18 Top Softbait Colours
Proficient softie handler Mark Kitteridge exposes his favourite colour schemes.
26 Trevally on Lures
Find out how Sam Mossman tempts trevally with artificial things.
34 News
Catch up on all the fishy bulletins.
50 Fair Chase
Freshwater legend Greg Morton discusses a couple of Central Otago gems.
52 Export Comp Update
Time is running out to stake your claim in New Zealand’s best free fishing competition.
56 Recipes
Fire up the grill, chef!
60 LegaSea Update
Our good friends at LegaSea stand up for what’s right.
62 Export Spot X: Stewart Island/Rakiura
Learn about a magical destination where the fish are abundant and the beers are easy to keep cold.
70 Snapper Cup at the Top of the South
Dan Govier takes the family on a snapper adventure in Tasman Bay.
76 Boat Review: Offshore 800HT & The Battle of the Bills
Nick Jones enjoys an atypical boat review in the Far North. Spoiler alert: an octogenarian catches a 400lb swordfish!
86 Setting Up for Sportfishing 
Grant Dixon checks out Dan Govier’s new Senator RH770… and goes fishing, of course.
94 PWC Review: JetFish-equipped Yamaha FXHO 
Grant Blair hops on a high-speed chariot kitted out for anglers.
100 Engine Review: Honda BF350 V8 
We have an exclusive look at the big, new Honda outboard.
104 Vehicle Review: Ford Everest Wildtrak V6 
She’s a beauty, mate. Grant Blair explains why.
110 Vehicle Review: Jeep Grand Cherokee 
Nick Jones dusts off his cowboy hat and hits the road.
116 Tackle Review: Shimano Ocea Jigger LD 2500MG & Game Type J
We test the mettle of the new Shimano jigging set on some rampaging kingfish.
120 Tackle Review: Vexed Bottom Meats
Sounds intriguing, right?
122 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show Preview
Start planning your hitlist for the big event.
132 Around the Traps 
Check out the latest from around the fishing industry.
He’s done it! After decades of failed attempts and scuttled plots, Grant Dixon finally graces the cover of NZ Fishing News.