From the Helm


It was with a mix of nostalgia and excitement last month that we announced the transition from a monthly to a quarterly publication format.
As avid anglers and dedicated readers, we are no strangers to the ebb and flow of the tides, both on the water and in the metaphorical sense. However, change is often met with apprehension. For nearly half a century, our magazine has been a loyal companion, eagerly anticipated each month by anglers across the country. So why the shift to a coffee-table quarterly model?
As the media landscape rapidly evolves, we must evolve with it. The lead time between deadlines and the monthly mag being delivered to readers has proven ever more challenging for time-sensitive content such as news stories and product reviews. Today’s audience wants to get their info instantaneously… and rightly so. We are fortunate to run, Kiwis’ favourite fishing website, enabling us to deliver content – be it articles, videos, reports, or tips and tricks – when people want to see it.
We’re investing time and energy into not only growing our ‘free’ site (which contains a veritable wealth of info for Kiwi anglers) but also curating our premium digital subscriber platform. For less than $1 a week, you can continue to access our 47-year track record of credible features, helpful intel, and unique storytelling wherever you want – even out on the briny!
All this frees the shackles for the quarterly magazine to be a high-quality publication – not only in terms of look and feel, but also substance. With a quarterly schedule, our editorial and contributor team will have more time to craft compelling features, conduct in-depth research, and showcase the diverse experiences of anglers around New Zealand. It also enables better alignment with the natural rhythms of the fishing calendar. By publishing quarterly, we can tailor our content to reflect the changing seasons, providing readers with timely advice and insights to maximise their time on the water.
Quality over quantity – it’s a mantra I firmly believe in.
We view this transition not as an end, but as a new beginning – an opportunity to evolve and grow alongside our audience. I’m excited to see our first quarterly issue in print at the end of August, and I hope you are, too.
Tight lines!
Nick Jones Editorial Director