Words & Images by Grant Blair
If you’ve missed the massive swing in popularity towards Personal Water Craft (PWC) fishing, then you’ve been asleep! The number of jetfishers has exploded, and it comes as no surprise because it adds a massive dollop of fun to a passion we all enjoy.
So, what’s behind this rapid rise in jetfishing? In my experience, it starts with ease of use. Opportunities for a quick fishing mission are precious and the admin of dealing with a larger vessel for an hour or two on the water can often see those pass by. That’s where a PWC really comes into its own, as launching is a breeze and washing down at the end of a trip takes no time at all. We’ve had the use of a 2024 Yamaha FXHO JetFish-equipped model for over three months, meaning we’ve had plenty of time to give it a full workout.
The stability and great handling in all conditions have been highlights, and the new larger capacity 1900cc engine makes its debut in the 2024 models and replaces the former 1.8L highoutput marine engine. I can sum up the new powerplant quite simply – it’s bloody quick. From a standing start, you’re at cruising speed within a heartbeat and that means more time fishing and quite a lot of fun getting there too, of course.
The 2024 Yamaha Jetfish can take up to three passengers (or 240kg in total), has a dry weight of 375kg, and an overall length of around 3.5m. Towing is a breeze for practically any vehicle equipped with a towbar.
There are more features on the 2024 JetFish model than we can cover in this review, but let’s look at the key ones.


Yamaha launched the JetFish accessory range in 2021 with the FXHO, including the RecDeck, and a custom JetFish fishing package with a 45L Engel cooler, a custom U-DEK fish measure and four rod holders. The setup works well, and I liked the fact the cooler is about level with the rear seat and doesn’t get in your way. It’s not massive and a bit on the small side for a legal kingie or large snapper, so we’ve complemented that setup with a 700 series Kai Cooler for anything a bit larger that needs to be iced down. This also provides another cold storage option for food and drinks.
1) The new larger capacity 1900cc engine makes its debut in the 2024 FXHO model and delivers impressive power.
We’ve added additional rod holders manufactured by experienced PWC angler Glen Cox, which are excellent. Some of Glen’s engineering talents have been directed to making life on a ski an even better experience. The forward rod holders are especially handy for softbait aficionados wanting to stay facing forward while prospecting channels and gutters – the rods are conveniently right where you need them. Rear seat rod holders get less spray than on the side of the cooler, and in reasonable conditions I’ve found you don’t really need reel covers which is another plus.
Another product from Glen is a small pouch that attaches to the handlebars so critical gear is right at your fingertips – scissors, jigheads, spare mono, a few jigs, or whatever, are always at hand. With a little forethought and some organisation, most of what you’ll need during the day can be kept in either the front pouch or the glovebox and is always within easy reach.
The Jetfish is stable at rest and built-in footwell drains are a welcome touch, especially in winter. Dive booties over a pair of thin merino/possum socks will keep your feet warm in cooler weather but it’s nice not to have water sloshing around in the footwell. There’s an automatic bilge pump, too, if it’s ever needed.


The factory-fitted, 9-inch Garmin 65CV is a great unit and lives up to the high quality we’ve come to expect from Garmin products. It’s well positioned and an essential tool for finding fish and ensuring a successful day on the water. The central brain delivers the functionality through an intuitive, fully featured 7” touchscreen.
There’s Bluetooth phone connectivity with voice activation, and the beats are delivered through twin, 4.5-inch waterproof speakers, driven by an integrated 50W-per-channel amp. Other enhanced feature controls include an automatic trim function, top speed and acceleration settings, and plenty more, meaning you’ve the latest tech on board to enjoy your day on the water! There’s also a handy pin function to lock the ski to prevent any unauthorised use.


With around 167L of storage, there’s masses of room for your gear. The glove box has 16.5L of useable storage and sports a dedicated mobile phone holder with USB charging port – really handy and well thought out. A blue LED light makes things easier in low light. There’s a further 130L of bow storage and roughly 8L under the seats with a further 11L of o-ring sealed waterproof storage in the stern. All up there’s masses of storage – even for an angler that is fully geared up. The configuration means you can keep anything you’re using regularly for quick and convenient access and also pack some ‘just in case’ kit, such as extra clothing for any unforeseen changes in weather or a decent picnic if the fishing is rubbish!
2) Stability at rest for fishing is excellent.
3) To complement the four rear rod holders on the JetFish package, Grant added additional forward rod holders manufactured by experienced PWC angler Glen Cox.

The ride

An integrated single start/stop button switch gets you underway or powers the engine off which is about as simple as it gets. The steering column can be adjusted up or down to suit the rider’s stature or riding styles, and there are several ride modes including customisable speed settings for learner riders. An ultra-slow speed mode is perfect for slow trolling lures around reefs and baitschools. It’s functionality like this which enables you to be more focused on fishing. The no-wake mode settings cap the engine RPMs at an optimum idle speed in no-wake zones and other restricted areas.
The bow angle trim can be adjusted for optimal handling and performance, meaning you can fine-tune the ride for maximum comfort when carrying multiple passengers, towing, or in changing conditions. No sore backs or niggly vertebrae with this model!
The cruise assist control means you can set a consistent engine speed which improves both comfort and fuel efficiency on longer trips. The dual throttle handlebar control system provides total precision when manoeuvring. Pull the right lever to accelerate and the left lever to scrub that speed off or reverse. You can literally spin the ski on a dime, and it’s a great feature when you’re hooked up on a decent fish and wanting to keep it at a constant angle or you’re coming into the pontoons at a marina. There are two hooks on either side of the steering column for docking – we’ve added our own custom side ropes which you can also use for docking or anchoring if you pull up on a beach.
The number of jetfishers has exploded and it comes as no surprise because it adds a massive dollop of fun to a passion we all enjoy.
Yamaha launched the JetFish accessory range in 2021 with the FXHO, including the RecDeck, and a custom JetFish fishing package with a 45L Engel cooler, a custom U-DEK fish measure and four rod holders.
Overall, the experience of driving and fishing from the 2024 JetFish-equipped Yamaha FXHO is impressive and definitely worth a test run if you’re thinking of getting into jetfishing or looking to upgrade your current ski.