Niue Paul Pasisi
Alate run of sailfish has added much joy to a good number of visiting anglers this season and is certainly a fish that is on most bucket lists. Many of these hookups have been during multiple strikes, which is quite normal for these entertaining sport fish as they tend to hunt in packs.
Spring sees mahimahi numbers tailing off, except for the odd packs that are typically found on the drifting flotsam that makes its way through our waters. That being said, there are still some nice individuals being taken on the spear, particularly on the offshore FADs.
It’s been a good year for wahoo, as predicted, and there are still plenty of these beauties around from the ‘pencil; size (6-10kgs) up to some solid 30-40kg specimens. Hopefully, these will hold right through to the year’s end.
These visiting anglers were happy with their sailfish caught with BJ Rex aboard Fish Niue Charters
We look forward to some larger yellowfin tuna as summer nears as well as the arrival of skipjack and their accompanying predators.