Top: The Rheem team: Brian McFarlane, Jessica Bensley and her daughter Taelan who doesn’t work for Rheem but got roped in for the day!

Above: Brian McFarlane (Rheem) & Paul O’Shea (Kiwis for kiwi) hard at work.

Below: The Mataia Restoration project is creating a 1300-hectare safe-haven for kiwi on this idyllic farm. 

Teams from Kiwis for kiwi and Rheem have been “on the tools” recently, partnering with Kaipara Kiwi to plant 1900 trees. Their efforts were part of the Mataia Restoration project, which is seeking to create a 1300-hectare kiwi safe-haven in the Kaipara region.

Working alongside the farmers who own the land, the project has transformed a farm into a viable kiwi habitat thanks to meticulous pest and predator control. It now houses the closest mainland, unfenced kiwi population to Auckland city, and as long as the cheeky pukeko don’t get at the roots, the groups’ tree-planting efforts will go a long way to sustaining the health of this important piece of land.

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