Welcome to Issue 35 of Rheem offsite

We’re kicking off this issue with a feature from the South African prince of the underwater realm – David DuPavillon (@daviedupav). Davie introduces us to porkers of the sea (boarfish) and gives us a lekker masterclass on how to target them on the spear.
For the ColorCote Tradie Profile this issue, Nick Jones interviews Rebecca Welker (@bexthebuilder) about her circuitous journey into the trades and how she aims to inspire other women to pursue the tradie life.
Next up, artisanal gourmand of smoke and fire, Simon Walden (@thetradiebbq), delivers a venison comfort food recipe that is nothing short of saliva-generating.
Lastly, YouTube sensation Joe Edlington (@j.e.wilds) shares an epic story from a recent mission off the bricks in pursuit of greenback glory.
As always, get in touch if you have any stories of your own to share. We want to hear from you! Message us on Instagram (@offsite_magazine) or flick me an email at jason@nzfishingnews. co.nz.
– Jason Harman