Find your Ikigai

The reality is we all have to work. Some of us enjoy what we do, while others aren’t so chuffed. Likewise, some are in a position to change their situation, while others are not.
Recently, I’ve been learning about Stoic philosophy (I know... yawn!) and the thing I’ve realised is that those ancient dudes were actually onto something. The core premise of Stoicism is: control what you can and forget about the rest. In other words, focus on what’s within your power to change – your thoughts, emotions, actions – and try to accept what isn’t: other people (especially their opinions and actions), the weather, daily obstacles, etc.
Sick of your job but can’t change it right now? Happy enough at work but feeling like life is stuck on rinse and repeat? This is the point where the decisions we make offsite become really important. Mix it up.
Seek meaning in your spare time. Try something new. Do as the Stoics do and focus on what you can control – your actions – and your thoughts will follow. Find your reason for getting up in the morning, referred to as “Ikigai” in Japanese culture.
Take a flick through this glorious publication and you’ll see practical examples of this philosophy in spades. Inspiring Kiwis, pushing out into the unknown, seeking adventure and novel experiences. Whether it’s in the dense bush of Rakiura, the leg-burning high country of the Southern Alps, or seeping from a smoky backyard BBQ, this issue has all the answers, if you ask the right questions. 
– Jason Harman, Editor.