A Salute to Tradies

In the land of the Kiwi, where mountains stand tall, Tradies weave dreams, at our beck and call. From the hills to the cities, with tools in their hands, They create and construct, connecting the lands.
Builders erect homes, sturdy and grand, A shelter for families, a place to expand.
With hammers and saws, they carve out a place, Where memories are made, and futures embrace.
Electricians spark light in the darkest of space, Guiding the way, leaving none to retrace.
Welders and fitters craft a legacy, in every design, A testament to skill, resilience, and time.
Plumbers, the unsung heroes below ground, Ensure water flows freely, without a sound. Piping the essence of life to each home, In the veins of the nation, they tirelessly roam.
So here’s to the tradies, throughout our fine country, Whose hands shape the future, by giving a hundy. In every nail hammered and pipe concerned, They build a nation’s dreams, leaving no stone unturned.
-Nick Jones