Farewell, Offsite

Rheem Offsite was born as an outdoor magazine for tradies, and that’s exactly how she will end. With 42 issues under our tool belts, the time has unfortunately come to bid farewell to the pages of Offsite.
With each edition, we've strived to capture the essence of the Kiwi tradie lifestyle, inspire adventure, and honour our ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos. From the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps to the golden shores of Northland, we've traversed every corner of NZ, sharing stories of exploration, wonder, success, respect, and resilience.
As we stand at the crossroads of change, I must acknowledge the shifting currents of the publishing industry. Today's challenges are as formidable as the bush we've tackled and the oceans we've navigated. In an era dominated by digital media and fleeting attention spans, the traditional print format – despite its substance and dwell time – is becoming more and more difficult to deliver.
To our loyal readers and crew of writers – thank you for your support and contributions. You have been the driving force behind every tale, every photograph, and every adventure. You have given this publication life.
As we embark on our final mission together, let’s celebrate the countless stories that have defined us, the friendships forged in the great outdoors, and the amazing tradies we’ve featured on these pages. The silver lining is that the spirit of Offsite will live on through our editorial team here at NZ Fishing News. Check out fishing.net.nz and the upcoming quarterly print editions of NZ Fishing News for continued, high-quality outdoor content.
-Nick Jones