Welcome to Issue 33 of Rheem offsite

The wait is over. Spring is finally here and things are on the up and up. There’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months – longer days, the three B’s (beach, BBQs and bevvies), and a hearty supply of outdoor activities – if you can break free from your daily routine and put yourself out there, beyond the pale.
Rheem Offsite is here to inspire you, to encourage you to throw off the chains of monotony and seek the wild, and this issue is sure to get your blood pumping.
Tim Schulpen takes us on a journey into the South Island backcountry to experience the excitement, intensity, and (sometimes) rewards of the Roar.
For the ColourCote Tradie Profile, newly minted editor of NZ Fishing News magazine, Nick Jones, sits down with legendary kiwi Zane Munro to talk about the plight of men’s mental health, his organisation For All The Brothers, and his passion for promoting mental health awareness and advocacy amongst tradies in Aotearoa.
Next up, keen fisher Suraya
Hollands gives us a run-down of her 2000km roadie, from Ohakune to Twizel, to sample the sweet flesh of the behemoth brown trout of the canals.
Simon Walden (@thetradiebbq) whips up a hoki burger that’ll have your eyes popping and your stomach grumbling. Maybe it’ll even be the catalyst you need to cook something other than baked beans on toast (or anything on toast, for that matter).
Lastly, mountain frother Tina Vainola shares her passion for snowsports and interviews her mate Ally Osborne – full-time carpenter on weekdays and part-time snow shredder on weekends – about the beautiful satisfaction of making the most of everyone’s most hated season.
As always, get in touch if you have any stories of your own to share, we want to hear from you! Message us on Instagram (@offsite_ magazine) or flick me an email at jason@nzfishingnews.co.nz.
See you out there! – Jason Harman